Watercolor Workbook Stamp Set

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Do you know what your watercolors can do? How they mix? Do you struggle to come up with interesting color stories for your painting? Do you enjoy swatching your watercolors and creating colorful color wheel?

The Watercolor Workbook stamp set will keep you organized and help you create a beautiful log book to record your color adventures and successes!

The fun swatch card stamp will help you record which watercolors you have and their qualities.

Use the half pan, full pan or circle stamps to sketch your current palette for easy reference and a beautiful opening page for your sketchbook.

The mixing stamp is perfect for learning about color theory and creating interesting colors with your watercolors.

Use the two color wheel stamps to create color stories and palettes for future paintings, keep them for reference and save so much time!

Lastly, use the 3 word stamps and the cute corner stamp to add some fun wordings to your sketchbooks. Color them in with your watercolors for the perfect finishing touch!

The set is A5 size and includes 11 high quality clear photopolymer stamps. To use them just mount on a stamping block and stamp!

I recommed using waterproof ink!